Matthew Bullock Auction Gallery serves clientele with advanced and particular needs from estate planning to collection liquidation. Our clients expect nothing less than the best attention to detail and personalized service. 

Trusts & Estates

Matthew Bullock Auction Gallery provides executors, fiduciaries and beneficiaries throughout the country with confidential and customized appraisals and disposition services. All appraisals are prepared fully in accordance with USPAP guidelines and meet all current requirements set forth by the IRS.

Each client and appraisal situation is different and often involves multiple asset categories and residences. We offer trust and estate services that are tailored to meet our clients’ timelines and specifications.

Our specialists offer complimentary walk-through services with the goal of providing an accurate representation of each items’ value based on the current auction market. A detailed proposal outlining the manner in which a sale will be conducted from the initial value assessment to removal of the property and settlement is provided to all parties involved.

Appraisal Services

Our team of specialists regularly appraises property by keeping abreast on market trends and partaking in comprehensive research. Specialists evaluate thousands of objects each year for auction, allowing them to closely monitor the nuances of the current market.

Professional appraisals are prepared for estate tax, gift tax, charitable contribution, insurance and for equitable distribution purposes.

Our trusts and estates department recognizes that each client and appraisal situation is unique and often involves multiple asset categories and residences. Fees for appraisals are determined by the number of specialists, hours involved and the necessary travel and expenses. Our competitive fees are negotiated based upon the express needs of each client and are competitive within the marketplace.

Institutional Clients

Our firm is committed to achieving the highest levels of success for our institutional clients, whether we are assisting with valuations, consignments or acquisitions. 

Appraisal and consulting services are offered to museums and institutions at little or no cost for the purposes of insurance, charitable contribution, gift tax and fair market value, as well as potential acquisitions and collection management. Each museum and institutional client receives unparalleled access to a dedicated team of specialists who will maximize the sale of a single item or an entire collection.

Private Clients

For clients seeking an alternative buying and selling option, Matthew Bullock Auction Gallery offers private clients a full-service auction experience in the following areas of expertise: antiwuities, artwork, coin & currencies, ephemera, jewelry & timepieces, militaria, pop culture collectibles and sports memorabilia.

Matthew Bullock Auction Gallery uses its nationally recognized expertise and client experience to provide the most efficient and reliable system to individuals looking to buy and sell items at a set price. The firm has proven successful in this service that meets all parties' expectations.