About Us

Matthew Bullock Auction Gallery is the premier auction house that provides robust and comprehensive solutions to market our client’s collections to the global market. We host live and online auctions up to 90 times per year specializing in antiquities, fine art, ephemera, jewelry & timepieces, militaria, numismatics, pop culture collectibles, and sports memorabilia.

Headquartered in Ottawa, IL, Matthew Bullock Auction Gallery is a recognized member of the National Auctioneer Association and Illinois State Auctioneers Association. The 38,000 sq ft facility has the capacity to accommodate large collections and estates from across the country.

Founded in 2010 by the lead auctioneer, Matthew Bullock, what began as an ephemera collector’s marketplace soon grew into an auction house with multiple specialties and a well-known presence in Illinois. Over the years, as the auction gallery’s notoriety grew, they have become a nationally recognized brand with a clientele base spanning far beyond their Midwestern roots. Now, the gallery’s clientele base spans the entire continental US –with only 1 in 3 being from the Midwest– and items have been shipped to winning bidders in more than 30 countries. Matthew Bullock Auction Gallery endeavors to be the premier destination for collectors and estates looking to market their collections to the world.