Live Gallery Auction - Premiere Antique Auction - Matthew Bullock Auctioneers

Live Gallery Auction - Premiere Antique Auction

Live Gallery Auction - Premiere Antique Auction

Auction Highlights Include An Amazing Collection of Victorian Era Hanging Lamps, Table Lamps, Sconces, and Chandeliers, An Extensive Collection of Native American Items with Jewelry, Necklaces, Rings, Belt Buckles, Cuffs, Watches, Pottery, Kachina Dolls, Statues, Totem Poles, Inuit Items, Bookends, Acoma Pottery, Polychrome, Hopi Pottery, Signed Pottery, Santa Clara Pottery, Andres de Dienes Original Silver Gelatin Print Photographs, James Manatt Original Photographs, Peter Basch Original Nude Photographs, William Reddick Mansion Furniture, An Exceptional Collection of Antique Pocket Watches with Gold and Silver Cases, Gold, Silver, and Diamond Jewelry with Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, and More, Antique Furniture, Paintings and Prints, Horse Hair Baskets, Grass Baskets, Antiques, Oil Paintings, Fredrick Remington Bronze Statues, Llardos, Stoneware Crocks and Jugs, Redwing Pottery, Frank Holton Euphonium, Tiffany Glassware, Antique Art Glass, Brides Baskets, Pitchers, Vases, Bowls, and More, Vintage Advertising, Porcelain Signs, Soda, Beer, Thermometers, Clocks, Human Skulls, Odd Fellows Items, Human Skeleton, Shrunken Heads, Mummified Hand, Taxidermy, Pond Sailboats, Mid Century Modern Furniture, Antique General Store Showcases, Shuffle Alley Arcade Game, Arcade Scales, Mills Slot Machine, and Much Much More. 

This will be a Live Gallery Auction at our Gallery Located at 421 East Stevenson Road in Ottawa IL. Doors Open at 7:00am on Saturday November 25th with an Auction Start Time of 9:00am. 

Live In Person Preview on Friday November 24th from 10:00am to 5:00pm 

Online Pre Bidding is Now Open

421 Stevenson Road, Ottawa, Illinois 61350
Preview Starts and Ends