Downsizing is stressful.  Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting.

We can help you make downsizing profitable and worry free.  

Our auctions cover a broad range of items including: antiques, high end collectibles, coins, fine art, jewelry, firearms, military, hunting and fishing items, vintage postards and photographs, art pottery, vintage toys, fine art, advertising memorabilia, furniture, household items, Civil War, WWI and WWII items, books, local advertising, sterling silver, vintage sports cards and memorabilia and so much more!

How it works:  

When you call Matthew Bullock Auctioneers, LLC our professional staff is here to help.  Whether you have a small collection or a home filled with a lifetime of memories and objects, we will manage the sale of your items from start to finish. 

The process starts with a free, no obligation consultation.  We will visit you on site, or you can bring your collection to us.  

During your consultation we will discuss the options of a Cataloged Auction, Estate Sale, or Consignment, based on whatever option will provide you with the most successful sale for your collection or estate.  We are equipped to manage all aspects including inventory, packing, moving, storing, and marketing prior to the sale.

Your items will be made available to buyers worldwide, due to multiple bidding options and our mobile bidding app during the sale.  

We offer confidential and prompt appraisals for insurance, estate planning and settlement, family division, taxes and charitable donations.  

We believe strongly that charitable contributions are a vital part of running a business.  For this reason, 10% of the buyers premium at each auction will be donated to a different charity.


The success of an auction hinges on good marketing.  Over 90% of the work during an auction is done before the first bid is called. Our marketing department is second to none. Vigorous promotion campaigns that utilize direct mail, emails, internet websites, contacting collector clubs, illustrated ads in antique publications, printed catalogs, photo & detailed online catalogs of every lot in the auction, press releases and more to reach the appropriate market for your antiques, coins, and collectibles. A properly advertised and promoted auction or estate sale insures that fair market value is reached for their clients through competitive bidding.

Cataloged Auctions

All objects in our auctions are processed and handled with care.  Your estate items will be sorted, cataloged, photographed, and will have a detailed description placed in our auction catalog. The catalog will be posted on our website,, our app, and will be available in printed form prior to the sale and on the sale date.

Multiple Bidding Options

Collectors who cannot attend our auction can bid conveniently from anywhere in the world via e-mail, telephone, through our website, with “real time” bidding via or through our app. Our shipping department can ship anything anywhere in the world.

Estate Sales

In some cases an estate sale may be the most efficient and profitable option. We are affiliated with Main Street Estate Sales and can assist you with an estate sale. We can discuss estate sales as an option during your consultation.


Whether it's one item, a large collection, or an entire estate, we have the staff and knowledge to handle any situation. We can help devise a plan that is right for you. We are equipped to handle all your needs, including on site inventory, photographing, packing, moving, storing, insuring, advertising, and auctioning. We take great care in the acquisition, cataloging, and sale of all consigned items. We pride ourselves on handling our clients and their possessions with the utmost integrity. Honesty is a core value for our company.

Most items sold at our auctions are consignments. Each and every consignment is different and our commission rate will vary from one consigner to another. Our commission is based on sales price of each lot sold. There are no cataloging fees, no storage fees, or other hidden fees.

Thank you

Matthew Bullock Auctioneers, LLC is honored that you are considering entrusting your items to us. Please feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail so we can discuss our terms with you. 

Mobile Bidding

Can’t make it to our auction? Download our mobile bidding app to your smartphone, and bid from wherever you need to be. Works for both Apple and Android.

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