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Online Only Comic Book Auction

Online Only Comic Book Auction

Highlights include The Amazing Spider-Man No. 101 1st Morbius, No. 121 Death of Gwen Stacy, No. 252 1st Black Suit Spider-Man, Strange Tales No. 2, Fantastic Four No. 50, Annual No. 1, No. 46 1st Black Bolt, Fantastic Four No. 6, Batman No. 227, Star Wars No. 1, Fantastic Four No. 67 1st Adam Warlock, Sub-Mariner No. 1, Flash No. 139 1st Professor Zoom, Amazing Spider-Man No. 46 1st Shocker, An Uncanny Collection of X-men High Grade Issues Includes No. 266 1st Gambit, No. 10 1st Ka-Zar, No. 60 1st Sauron, 1st Jubilee, No. 52 1st Eric the Red, Eternals No. 1, Nova No. 1, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Star Trek, CGC Graded Comics, Ghost Rider, Ms. Marvel No. 1, Iron Man, Captain America, The Avengers, Thor, Green Lantern, Akira, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Modern Age Comics, Long Boxes, Short Boxes, and Much Much More 


Live Online Bidding Begins on Saturday September 3rd at 10:00am Central Time

Prebidding is Now Open 

Pick Ups for this auction will begin on Tuesday September 6th starting at 12:00pm, Do Not show up on Monday September 5th to pick up your items as your items will not be ready for you to pick up. We will need this time to process invoices and payments from the 3 different bidding platforms. 

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